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Our story

what can LongLive Pizza Restaurant offer

While considering customer satisfaction as first priority, Long Live Pizza celebrates the deliciousness of every pizza. We offer you a whole new plethora of pizzas, that will make you break away from your dull, regular and boring pizza choices. You can also 'make your own pizza', by choosing from our wonderful selection of base, sauces, cheese and vegetarian or non vegetarian toppings.

An absolute delight! From classics like, margherita, simply veggie, BBQ chicken pizzas to an elaborate menu of chicken tikka,chicken peri peri, fish tikka and many more. Pizzas so good, you will never forget the deliciousness.

This love for pizza took us to various pizza places and we tried a number of authentic and exotic preparations. While we always enjoy the experience but more we went about it, more we realized that there was something missing. We could not point it out but the experience was not complete, was not wholesome.

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